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Kage Harp

" Art is my way of communicating without words"


    I am an abstract expressionist painter working in mixed media. I choose to work non-figuratively because it allows me to connect to my inner world through my art. I generally start with a raw mark making process and then listen to where the rest of the painting wants to go - whether it be adding marks, colors, or obliterating what I already put down on the canvas. I primarily use acrylic, charcoal, chalk, graphite, and oil pastel. My paintings are created this way through an intuitive process eventually becoming an organic and spontaneous juxtaposition of color, lines, and marks. What emerges on the canvas is an internal language that is highly emotional and personal to me. Memories from my numerous travels abroad inspire the colors, shapes, and depth of my work; splitting my time under the big skies of Montana and the beautiful coastal waters of the Gulf infuses my work with the rhythms of nature and an expansive sense of space.